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8 Startup Lessons From the Short Film ‘ Ambani the investor ‘

1. Don’t wait for the big billion day! start it from you

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Never wait for big opportunity to come an knock the door. Its where the day and the work starts from you. Opportunity is not given by anyone, but need to find that is around us. It happens many time where your luck of making a big billion day is in front of you but you are unable to see it. Getting an opportunity is like where you are getting a day to prove your talent and skill which will help you to build your big billion day. Rather people wait for a good opportunity so that they will have a good start, but as TIME AND TIDE NEVER WAIT FOR ANYONE,likewise opportunity doesn’t come to your hand but you need to take it.

2. Love your Job, It will take care of you


When a small kid get his lovable toy after crying a lot in front of his parents,he take care of that toy and never play with it in the fear of getting broken or lost, likewise when you get a job you should always respect and love it as it is one of the most valuable thing which will help you to climb the ladder of success by achieving your goal. There is a mutual relation between you and your work. If you think that your is work is worship, it will surely bless you and always take care of you. Promotion, designation are the gifts which your work gives you when you love it and take care of it.

3. Don’t quit, think about why you started


When you plan a strategies for your company always try to follow that, you might face difficulties and think to QUIT, But no stop your mind from thinking of quitting it and ask your mind to think why to plan such strategies and what is going to benefit you if you follow what you have planned for your business,there is a saying of NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN,if your strategy is making you to go through difficulties, then surely the end will be giving you the benefit of planning such strategy.

4. Invest wisely as per trend and time


Investment, which is a smart way of making your money double should be done in a proper planned way and timely manner. When you earn a good amount of profit, use some part of profit to invest it so that the returns would be used in your business for better development and diversification. There are many type of investment which will give you good amount of returns. Before investing your money, you should have proper market knowledge which will help you to invest wisely rather than blindly.

5. Be happy with what we having today for your better tomorrow.


Never demotivate your present, it is only the thing which is shaping your future to be perfect. Always be happy with what your are pursuing in present that is the only thing which will give you better tomorrow. FAILURE IS A STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS. Accept your defeat like a champion which will make you teach how to be a winner in future. When you are not happy with your present, it is like you are not thinking for your better future, It all depend on us how we shape our future which will help you to achieve your success

6. Buy things for cheap price/ learn to negotiate


To become a big person like Ambani, always try to buy things in a cheaper price but having quality. By doing this activity you will always save your production cost and earn more profit, Never compromise in quality,because this is the only thing which will help you to go more close to your customer. When you buy thing in low price you are having advantage of two things.
a) you would use small amount of money, which in return you will earn good profit
b) the amount of profit can be re-invested for other better resources
When you buy a product never go on its physical appearance, instead also see how you and the people around you are benefit when you buy a quality product by giving low cost.

7. Keep your venders Happy, They will help you to move forward.


A person doing business is not only surrounded by his employees but also other outside people with whom he work such as investors,vendors,customer etc.. There are many people who spend lacs of rupees for marketing their product, but they are not aware that they have one strong weapon who can help them to grow up. They are non another than the vendors. Vendors are the people who can help you to grow your business by doing the mouth publicity of your company and your product. Not only vendors,but customers also play vital role for making brand of your product, its just you need to satisfy them with their requirement and your lakhs of rupees are saved here

8. Save to invest, not to spend


If you are a smart business person you always try to earn money to invest rather than to spend. You should always have a knowledge of a single rupee that you earn and wisely you should invest it so that you can use it on some other day. When you earn you should never think to whom i have to pay,instead you should think where I should invest these penny to make it more large. To earn a rupee is much difficult than to earn a food so that you can be free from your starvation. Every money that you earn is approximately a drop of water which will help you to build an ocean of success.

What do you think? Any more points to add?

  • Date
  • 30 October, 2015


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logo design company in mumbai
logo design company in mumbai
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Web Design Company in Mumbai
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