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How Once a Cold Inquiry Landed Us Rs. 1 Lakh Web designing Project?


The journey that began as a small digital designing agency was going smooth as we were getting business through referrals, friends and family. We were growing big and had many good projects hands –on. Then one fine day, a cold inquiry and follow up email strategy that we executed on trial brought business – a website designing project. Yes! That very cold one line inquiry that we see in the mail box everyday helped us do good business. The way we got the project by right handling of cold inquiry was the key to our smiles.

Let us start from where we started. In our initial days, as said before, we were mainly getting work through referrals from friends, families and finally happy customers. Referrals were bringing up the same work and this vicious circle kept going on for long.

This industry is cruel. You may have loads of projects one fine day and the other month you might run thirsty. We were going through the same thirsty phase, when we realized that we will have to think up something big and get business from outside the referral world. This is when we started Google Ad Words Campaign.

How this running of Campaign came over is again a story. I was reading a blog on email marketing tips where the writer had discussed how cold email marketing was generating new projects and eventually more business for his development consultancy firm. All impressed with the outcome of this marketing tactic, we thought to implement it for our company. [Thanks to : Marco is the founder of Masswerks]

We will now discuss how through our very first Google Adwords Campaign and email follow up, we closed the 1 Lakh web designing project. The entire process is outlined right from how we started and how we end including what worked for us.

Note: To respect confidentiality agreements and the privacy of the client, we will not go into much detail about the client or project.

Create a Company Profile which is easy to read + Quickly Follow up on Emails

Here’s the Inquiry email copy that we received:


The email copy was just a one-liner and looked as if she/ he were not even interested at all.  In normal course, we might avoid replying to such mails. But, we did reply and asked for contact number and other details. We were not sure of how important was the query.


To our surprise, we got their contact details in the next few minutes. We then did a chat conversation where we got to know their actual need. We then set in to draft a detailed mail with all the important points of client’s requirement to take the deal a step ahead to closure.


What’s good in this mail?

  1. Email Subject:

COMPANYDOMAIN.COM Website and Brand Development | Estimate from Colors Infotech

This is the format we maintain while sending and tracking inquiry emails. Such a subject line with client’s company name connects him immediately and he will definitely read it. No matter how many unread mails he has in his inbox, an email with such a subject line will always draw his attention.

  1. Statement of gratitude:

This is important as it sets the tone right for formal conversation.

  1. Problem definition:

This has to be done precisely. You need to be sure that you have understood the needs of the client before putting them in the mail body. Any wrong point would lose the interest of the client in you and he will switch to others. Work on the language. Keep it concise, but clear

  1. Proposed solution or service:

Again, when you are discussing about the solution or service, be sure that you are not boasting of yourself. Be precise and inform in depth how the solution will help him/her achieve their goals

  1. Proposed price:

Have a pricing plan ready for your every service inclusive in one package and also individually. This will help client take decision faster. Keep some margin for negotiations but up to a level.

  1. Risk reduction with terms and conditions if any:

Lay down your terms and conditions very clearly in the mail body, though at last. This will give a clear message to the client that you are serious about the business.

  1. Last but not the least, we always prefer to close our sales mail with an open ended sentence. Our favorite one is: We can begin work as soon as we receive your go-ahead via email.

As with all business emails, make every sentence as concise as possible. Do not attempt to provide additional information or attempt to sell something else that hasn’t been discussed. Remember: no surprises.

We repeat: no surprises. Undoubtedly, a sales is technically a “sales document,” however, it’s not where you do the selling. You should aim for it when you are in a dialogue (over phone or email exchange) with a potential client.

We have now been using the same strategy and same template for final deal closure for dozens of projects. It’s simple, straightforward, and most important, gets the job done.

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Here’s What Our client Replied finally


What’s there in the Google Adwords Campaign for YOU?

  1. Measurability

Right from first click to the last click, everything is measured. No. of clicks, no, of impressions, no. of impressions, number of conversions; all are measurable. You just have to have a dedicated team that keeps on optimizing the campaign for better metrics.

  1. Cost-effective

You only pay for the clicks your ad gets. You can even decide how much amount is to be paid for every click. Set everyday’s budget from $10 to $5000; when the ad is yours, choice is yours too.

  1. Specifically Targeted

You can target to your intended audience through Adwords campaign easily. You can fine-tune your campaign as per device, location, language and even time.

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  • 6 July, 2015


logo design company in mumbai
logo design company in mumbai
logo design company in mumbai
web designing company in mumbai
web design company in mumbai
web design company in mumbai
web designing company in mumbai
Web Design Company in Mumbai
web design company in mumbai